RoboWorld is a controlled natural language (CNL) for the specification of environment and platform assumptions with a precise semantics in the context of the RoboStar technology.

The CNL is being defined using the Grammatical Framework. The formal semantics of the CNL is given using the process algebra CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes), which is automatically derived from the textual specification.

In what follows, one can read some sentences that can be written in the CNL:

  • The initial orientation of the robot is towards the target.
  • The nest has an x-width of 0.25 m and a y-width of 0.25 m.
  • The distance from the nest to the source is greater than 1 m.
  • Some locations, except the source and the nest, contain 2 obstacles.
Gustavo Carvalho
Gustavo Carvalho